Monday, September 9, 2013

Download and Install borland turbo cpp(c++)

how to install and download Borland turbo CPP(C++)?

1.) First step download the Borland turbo c by clicking this link

2.) Make a folder named TC to your desired directory that you want to install the turbo c++(cpp).

3.) Extract the

4.) Look and double click the file install.exe.

5.) And a dos base window will appear. Then press the enter key.

6.) After pressing the enter key. It will ask. Enter the source drive to use? or in other words the turbo c ask you what drive or directory you wish to install the turbo c. I choose the drive C:\ and press enter.

7.) After that it will ask the source files of turbo c++, locate and type the path where you save the extracted download from the step 1. I only type \turboc, because I paste it to C: directory. Then press enter again.

8.) Then after that the turbo C++ installer point the installation of program to the folder that you made named TC, prior to the step number 2. Press the down arrow key 2 times, then the Start Installation will be highlighted. Then press enter.

10.) Lastly the read me will prompt, just hit or press esc key to exit

That is the simple instruction with picture on where you can download and how to install turbo cpp(c++) in your computer.

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